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Jean Karat

JEAN KARAT 1949-2003
Jean Karat was born on 1949 in Kamishli and rose among the second generation of Syriac singers there. He stayed in Kamishli and didn’t leave his town until his departure. As a teenager he began singing together with Farid Youssef, Elias Karam (Domit), Jalil Maiilo and others.

A cooperation with Georges Chachan launched Jean Karat as a singer in the world of Syriac music. “Hesh Ono Z’ouro” (together with Farid Youssef) was one of his earlier steps followed by other famous steps in the seventies like “O Zamoro”, “Halyo yo ou yawmano”, “Lema A’mekh”, “Mena’mouthi Rhimoli” and other.

His musical career continued uninterruptedly since his beginning. Karat sang many of today’s famous songs among young generation. “Boudarbo dloqena”, “Beroula Beroula”, “Shlom lekh o Hlitho Izla” and other are some of his songs that find their way to the hearts of the listeners. At the middle of the eighties Jean Karat began composing his own songs “Yawmo B’oumrayna”, “Kosé Molina”, “Ema ema ema” and others are samples of his own compositions.

Beside the Syriac songs Karat had many famous songs in Arabic (Merdalli dialect), which are nostalgia for the generation that kept pace with him. Even the other generations and certainly the youth like his songs that sang in each and every Syriac event.

Jean Karat wasn’t only a singer but a painter and calligrapher. He has wonderful calligraphies in Syriac decorating larger spaces of the Syriac churches and clubs in many places in the world and especially in Kamishli.

Jean Karat the humorous and professional singer left away on December 7, 2003 leaving many followers and certainly his son Fadi to continue his race in the field of the Syriac song.



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