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George Shamoun

George Shamoun the syriac folk song’s motor of production. In thirty years of production he wrote more than 200-recorded songs.

George Shamoun was born 1945 in Kamishli and studied at the Syriac schools up to the high school-grade. He studied syriac at Malfono Abdel Masih Qarabashi and Malfono/father Saliba Issa. Georges Shamoun is the nephew of the Syriac writer Danho Dahho.

His passionate interest in writing appeared for the first time when he listened to “Shamo mar” from a car-stereo summer 1969 in Kamishli. The idea began with a translation of feelings to words and he proved that he is a talented young man. In 1970 he wrote a bouquet of songs that Georges Chachan composed and deceased Galil Maiilo sang. Some of these songs were “Ko Bokhé Lebi”, “Mzabanla Houbo Dlebo”, “Halyo yo o yawmano”, "Qmi madrasho rhimoli” and others.

In 1979 George Chamoun left Kamishli to Germany and thereafter toward Sweden in 1981. Since that time he lives with his family in Södertälje Sweden.

George Shamoun wrote every genre of lyrics. His writings vary from romantics to folklore and children. He wrote two series of children songs and cooperated with almost every Syriac singer and composer. From 1974 it is difficult to find a cassette, LP or CD which doesn’t include one song or more of George Shamoun’s lyrics. George Shamoun is known of his aid to the young generation’s singers.

Of his own lyrics, George Shamoun is proud of “Hano Qritho” (sang by Ninib Lahdo), “Hawli Idekh dezzano” (sang by Habib Mousa), “Mzabanla Houbo dLebo” (sang by Galil Maiilo) and “Taté taté” (children song). Of the production of other writers he likes Ninos Ahho´s poem “Gerkeshamo”.

George Shamoun´s contribution in the field of Syriac folk song is very huge in quantity and very high of quality. He filled the emptiness that was occupying the field of Syriac folk song and converted it to a developed one. George Shamoun hopes to produce Syriac operates, and lyrical.

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