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Chabo Bahé

Malfono Chabo Bahé was born in Medyat 1927. His family moved to Ras El Ain–Syria after his birth. He studied Syriac, Arabic, English and French at the Syriac school in that area.

Because of his love to the Syriac language, and in order to spread it widely, he wrote his lyrics with the spoken Syriac to become the launcher of this form of lyrics.

Chabo Bahé wrote his first lyric “O Barsawmo” in 1962. Later on he wrote “Safro Msafro Bsafrayto”, “Hes Hes” and “Tekh Tekh Laf Harké”. These lyrics became songs, recorded with a basic recorder and spread quickly in Kamishli-Syria. The young generation loved them while the older generation didn’t accept them because of the Syriac language, according to them, is a holey language.

Chabo Bahé’s lyrics sang and recorded professionally for the first time in 1967 at the studio of The National Orchestra of Aleppo who played “Hema w Haye” and “Deqlé o Noqousho” (singer Artin Fistaqji).

Chabo Bahé’s production of Syriac song was abundant. He was an important source of lyrics for Nouri Iskandar and Habib Mousa. Shabo Bahé wrote ”Koukwo Dsafro”, “Shlomé Slomé”, Zligé Frisi” and others.

Chabo Bahé and others established in 1971 the "Religious Educational Center-Aleppo" and made its regulations. This center aimed to preserve the Syriac culture and language. Shabo Bahé was the responsible for teaching the Syriac language.

Beside his writings Chabo Bahé is an effective administrator in many of the Syriac organizations both at homeland and in Sweden.

In 1987 Shabo Bahé immigrated to Sweden. In 1990 he participated with a big amount of songs of Nouri Iskandar’s festival in Sweden.

Chabo Bahé wrote nearly of 100 lyrics to more or less all the Syriac singers.


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