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Jean Karat 1949-2003

The Syriac people loosed Jean Karat, the Syriac artist and talented singer. In December 7, 2003, in the city of Kamishli, Jean Karat departed after a long struggle with sickness. Jean Karat who rose among the second generation of Syriac singers in Kamishli stayed there and didn’t leave his town until his departure. Karat had many famous songs both in Syriac and Arabic (Merdalli dialect), which are nostalgia for the generation that kept pace with him. Even the other generations and certainly the youth like his songs that sang in each and every Syriac event.

Jean Karat the humorous and professional singer left away leaving many followers and certainly his son Fadi to continue his race in the field of the Syriac song.

Jean Karat wasn’t only a singer but a painter and calligrapher. He has wonderful calligraphies in Syriac decorating larger spaces of the Syriac churches and clubs in many places in the world and especially in Kamishli.

The reduction of Syriac Music had a contact with him in November 2002 in order to introduce him on its pages, but the destiny didn’t help us to accomplish our wish. We promise our users and web visitors to introduce Jean Karat and his productions in the nearest future.

Syriac Music’s deepest condolences to Jean Karat’s family, friends and the Syriac communities in the world.

By: infomaster

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