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St. Ephraim Choir
This year the entire world in general and the Syriac Orthodox Church in particular celebrate the 1700 anniversary of the great church father and “the lyre of the Holy Spirit” St. Ephraim. We in Syriac Music want to honor our greater father by singing his hymns in a special concert. This occasion will take place in Stockholm during the period November – December 2003. In order to convert words into acts we are establishing a professional Syriac choir. Currently we are about twenty persons but we aim to become 70 women and men of age 18 - 45 years.

The choir’s first activity will be the aforesaid concert followed by many other musical activities thereafter.

Our ambitions can be summarized as follow:

  • To preserve and develop our church and folk music inheritance

  • To learn the oriental singing’s methods and techniques

  • To perform concerts and other song activities

  • To record church music professionally

Establishing of this site, syriacmusic, was an vital step towards the development of our church music, and establishing this choir will be our new challenge. We will be pleased if you can be with us while writing a new article of the Syriac church and folk muisc’s history.

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