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Yearning of the dawn by Elias Zazi

The String Quartet in E-minor of the theorist in music Elias Zazi, performed on the stage of Estrad theater in Södertälje-Sweden in November 2003 and got extremely praise. Now you may listen to the quartet on CD.

Elias Zazi’s five-movements String Quartet ” Yearning of the dawn” came after many years of work. It considers as the major classical and western work composed by a composer from our people.

In the meditative “Yearning of the dawn” the longing of the yearning toward what is coming in its good and evil revealed obvious. The first movement begins aggressively when the four instruments in the composition search contact with each other. Here the composer uses fascinating harmonies and changes the main theme in many different forms until an oriental cadence enters to accelerate the tension and take us back to the main theme. This movement ends with an astonishing accord, which takes us to the second movement. The second movement is a charming Andante where a dialogue between the cello and the 1st violin takes place. In this movement you feel like this is our own oriental church music maid in a classical form with an extraordinary technique both in contra-point and in harmony. The third movement is a continuous charm and a sequel to the beauty of that originated from the second movement.

The fourth movement is the movement of meditation. This movement gives the listener moments of reflection; relaxation, sorrow and sadness mixed with hope and light. It paints all kind of images in everyone’s world of thoughts. When this movement ends after ten minutes you feel like you are thirsty and you want to listen to more music. Your need to more charm comes in the final movement where happiness and light takes over although the theme passes melancholically towards the end before the final cadence terminates the work.

Elias Zazi’s music has clear traces from the Syriac Orthodox Church music, the Lebanese popular music as well as the western music and is still classical. It gives you more and more each time you listen to his CD.

More information about the composer are available under "Folk music". Even parts of the quartet are published under Elias Zazi´s works at the same place.

The assemble consisted of:
Daniel Möller – 1st violin
Ulf Ingwall – 2nd violin
Anders Norén – viola
Gudmund Ingwall – cello

You may order the CD from the composer at the following address:
Elias Zazi +46 70 768 52 21
E-mail: elias@zazi.se

By: Infomaster

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