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Father Seman Onar (Mallé) 1953 - 2006

To give the church songs their original flavour, you have to be grown up within the church’s walls. Not only that but even to drink from its original spring of songs until your leaves greened and give the same taste that our ancestors implemented in the church’s old songs. This kind of people is rare nowadays. Because of globalisation many of our deacons and priests absorb other musical cultures together with our church music. This makes the performance of the church music beautiful but not an original one.

Late father Seman Onar (Mallé) was one of those who could give us the church music without any impurities. He was born in Miyat Tour Abdin in Spetember 11th 1953. He lived and grew up within the church walls and learned the church songs at malfono Isa Gares and late father Ibrahim Akan. He became a deacon and served the church alter a long period of time.

During a visit to Stockholm – Sweden before being ordaining to priest I meet him and listened to him singing our church songs in a special way. I asked him if he could sing for syriacmusic and we would produce a CD which will be available for our users to enjoy listening to our church music. He sang at our studio and the material was saved in the studio’s hard disc. In December 11th 2005 he was ordained a priest. Later on he travelled to the monastery of St. Gabriel in Tour Abdin to feast his forty days. After his forty days were completed he was in his way to his parish in Europe, father Seman Onar (Mallé) died in a traffic accident in January 20th 2006.

After his departure Syriacmusic decided to work up the recorded hymns and release this priceless piece of art. We put the musical accompaniments and made the mix down to reach the current result a CD with about 45 minutes of beautiful church songs with the original flavour of the mountain of Tour Abdin.

Syriacmusic asks all its users who want to download this treasure, to use it for learning and enjoying the beauty of our church songs.

We ask the Lord to forgive father Seman Onar (Mallé) his trespasses and remember him in his kingdom. May his soul rest in the upper heaven and God blesses us with his prayers.

Syriacmusic ask the Lord to give consolation to his family.

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By: Infomaster and Rima Malki

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