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Syriacmusic sang in New Jersey USA

After a long time of waiting the trip to the US became a fact. The welcoming where hearty and big from His Eminence Mor Cyril Aphrem Karim, Archbishop in the Syrian orthodox church for eastern USA and his committees with responsibles within the diocese.

With a lot of planning and implementation of responsibilities both in USA and in Sweden, the Syrian Orthodox parish members in the US go their wishes fulfilled will. It became a delightful memory which they will not forget on very long time.

After that we´ve landed in Newark, began our visit in meeting His Eminence and the church of St Barsawmo. This was the beginning to a very delicate welcoming off the churches in His Eminence dioceses. Most of the days the Syriac-Orthodox churches in New Jersey invited us for dinner. What left an everlasting memory was the hospitality and reception and how everyone welcomed us with a warm heart and big smile on their lips. They literally took care of us on-the-spot from the smallest to the biggest.

The first concert was held at St Markus Syriac-Orthodox church, where an entire amount expectant people eagerly sat and waited to listen to the Syriac orthodox anthems in the Easter´s theme. The anthems sounded with very beautiful and delightful tones in everyone’s ears. After the Easter concert, His Eminence said many nice words, including that he did not know if he was on earth or in heaven.

The second concert was held the following day at Paramus Hall at Church of Virgin Maria. Here, it was sung songs from old time epochs in Syriac. The entire audience that consisted of several hundred persons patted and sang with in happy tones. Also this concert set many deep musical tracks in the heart of the audience, in hopes about to may hear the choir group again.

SyriacMusic thanks firstly and in foremost God in for having made this trip possible, and self-evidently also His Eminence Cyril Aphrem Karim and everyone in his parish. We would like to express our gratitude to Jade Group and Abboud Kourieh who made this travel possible for the choir group, and also Suroyo TV that filmed both concerts along with everything that was done in the churches along with parish members.

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By: Emelin & Imad

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