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Abrohom Lahdo

Dr. Abrohom Lahdo was born on April 2nd, 1949 in Kamishli-Syria and studied at the Syriac school. During the period of studies he learned Syriac from Malfono Abdul Masih Qarabashi and played accordion with St. Ephraim’s Choir in Kamishli.

In 1967 Abrohom Lahdo composed his first folk songs "Loch Balhudoch", "Bgau Kamishli" and "Habibath Haye". During this period, Abrohom Lahdo, Paul Mikhael, Joseph Malki and George Chachan worked together to write lyrics and compose new Syriac folk songs. This combined effort was accomplished by the meeting with Nouri Iskandar
in 1969.

During the years 1968-1986 Abrohom Lahdo was studying medicine both in Aleppo and Germany where he completed his specialization in internal medicine. Beside his studies he was active member and leader of many associations.

Furthermore Dr. Abrohom Lahdo published two books. The first in 1988 called "Syriac forenames" (Shmohe Suryoye), and the second in 1994 called "List of Assyro-Babylonian kings and patriarchs".

In 1995 Dr. Abrohom Lahdo founded "St. Ephraim’s choir" in Wiesbaden-Germany who released a cassette with church songs of the Passion Week (Gudo dHasho). In 1997 his choir released CD and cassette with church songs (rhythms in the Syrian church) and in 2002 another CD about musical scales in the Syrian church with Habib Moussa, Kamil Hanna, Linda Hadiko and Babylonia. Under the direction of Dr. Abrohom Lahdo, St. Ephraim´s choir presented six concerts of church and folk Songs between 1997-2002.

Dr. Abrohom Lahdo held several lectures on different topics about Syriac medicine, music and history. Moreover his production by writing and composing amounts to some 70 Syriac folk songs.


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