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Joseph Malki

Joseph Malki was born in Kamishli 1948. He studied music with the Syriac Scout band where he played Saxophone. His professional musical skills appeared when he played oriental accordion with the musical orchestra of the radio station of Damascus in the 1968.

He composed his first Syriac song “Rhimto dleb warde mzabno” in Kamishli 1965 followed by “T´het Lamfido” and the famous Syriac song and at that time “Grishla idi” (sang by Wadih El Safi) 1969.

Josef Malke studied the film arts in Spain at the beginning of the seventies. He moved to Sweden with the first emigrant groups at that time. In Sweden he was the first Syriac professional composer. In 1975 he composed twelve songs in a cassette form sang by Boutros and Simon Hadrouli and Lena Haffo. This cassette included ”Men bethnahrin Athyono”, “Kthewli Eshmekh” and others. In 1977 he released the first professional Syriac LP ”Azzen Azzen”, sang by Ninib Ablahhad Lahdo. Moreover he released two complete children songs’ cassettes.

Malki´s contribution in the field of the Syriac music sustained continuously from the early sunrise of the folk songs hitherto. Josef Malki’s touch is very distinguished. His glamorous ancient oriental feeling gives his melodies a special taste. Joseph Malki’s production is uncountable. Almost all the singers in Sweden sang one or more of Josef Malki´s melodies.

Some of his famous songs "Tekh Hawro dhoulme" (sang by Fouad Espear), "Rhimto dlebi", "Tokhou Tokhou Habibé" (sang by Nininb Lahdo), "Izen loshahro" (sang by Yakoub Malke), "Krohmallokh habib" and "Ishtar oTamouz" (sang by Jouliana Jendo). For children he composed ”Taté Taté”, “Adyoma Rish dShato”, ”Dodo Dilan” and many others.


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