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New church-year

The year in the Syriac Orthodox Church begins with the “Church Consecration” that takes place in the first Sunday in November every year.

This cycle is the first cycle in the church calendar. As it is mentioned above that it commences with the first Sunday of November and follows with eight successive Sundays until reaching Christmas.

The church has managed this cycle as a preparation for Christmas. This cycle consist of the annunciations to Zachariah and Mary. The yelling sound in the forest who comes to prepare the way of the Lord and others.

This cycle consist of eight Sundays with eight melodies. Beginning with:
1- “Church Consecration” on the first melody (Qadmoyo) follows by
2- “The church's Dedication” on the second melody (Trayono),
3- “Annunciation to Zechariah” on the third melody (Tlithoyo),
4- “Annunciation to Mary” on the fourth melody (Rbi’oyo),
5- “Mary's visit to Elizabeth” on the fifth melody (Hmishoyo),
6- “Birth of John the Baptist” on the sixth melody (Stitoyo),
7- “The dream of Joseph” on the seventh melody (Sbi’oyo) and finally with
8- “Sunday before Christmas” on the eighth melody (Tminoyo).

This cycles follows by the period and the cycle of Christmas and Epiphany.

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