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The commemorations of church's fathers

The fifth cycle is the last cycle in the church calendar and commences two Sundays after the Pentecost. The church chose this cycle to honour its ancestors and saints. The saint who doesn’t have a special memorial within the church year is honoured during this cycle.

Actually this cycle is a combination of two successive periods each of eight Sundays and the melodies begin with the first (Qadmoyo) and roll on to the eighth (Tminoyo) and do another arrangement of the eight melodies thereafter. Almost all the saints, the delighted the fathers and the church’s ancestors are commemorated during this period.

The first commemoration in this period is of St. Peter and Paul that takes place on June 29th, In July the following commemorations take place:
3rd St. Thomas.
15th St. Keryakos and his sister Youliti.
20th St. Elias.
29th St. Jacob Bord’oyo.
30th Mor Filuksinos the Bar Hebreous.

In August:
6th St. Gabriel.
7th St. Abrohom and St. Hobel.
16th Mor Sobo Forsoyo.
18th Mor Filuksinos of Menbog known as Mor Akhsnoyo.

In September:
1st St. Malke.
9th St. Youlyané Ounwoyo.
18th St. Jacob “the prisoned” and St. Matay.
24th St. Dimet.

In October:
1st St. Aday and St. Abay.
7th St. Sarkis and Bakhos.
15th St. Osyo and St. Esha’yo.

Some of the most important events during this cycle are the Booths on August 6th, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on August 15th and the discovery of the Holy cross on September 14th.

This cycle may be elongated to more than sixteen Sundays in some years and shorted in others all that depending on when Easter occurred. After this cycle the church liturgical year begins with the first cycle that commences in the first Sunday of November with the Sunday of the Consecration of the Church.

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