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Between Easter and Pentecost

With Easter the church calendar enters into its fourth cycle. It is the cycle of glory of Christianity where our Savior Jesus Christ resurrected and defeated death and the power of death. This only subject develops in many wonderful images during this period.

This cycle as like as all other cycles consists of eight Sundays and commences with the new Sunday. The church didn’t give the Sundays of this cycle special names or themes like the forgoing cycle (the cycle of Lent). Here the Sundays are entitled as the 2nd Sunday after Easter, the 3rd Sunday after Easter and so on until the 8th Sunday after Easter. The melodies of these Sundays begin with the first for the new Sunday and end with the eighth for the 8th Sunday after Easter.

Thursday that follows the 5th Sunday after Easter has to be Ascension Day. The melody of the day of Ascension has to be the fifth one. The 7th Sunday after Easter is the Pentecost and the melody of this Sunday has to be the seventh one. This cycle ends with the 8th Sunday after Easter to prepare for the next cycle, which concerns with the memorial of the church’s father, saints and martyrs.

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