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Between Epiphany and Lent

The famous church father St. Jacob d’Orhoy (of Edessa) (+708) managed the whole calendar year of the Syriac Orthodox Church in a special order beginning from the Sunday of “Church Consecration” (the first Sunday in November every year) until the same Sunday at the following year. He divided the year into periods or cycles and each period or cycle consisted of eight Sundays. Because of the its richness with melodies he gave a special melody for each and every Sunday in the cycles. Each cycle shall commence with “Qadmoyo” (the first melody) and terminate with “Tminoyo” (the eighth melody). Syriac Music will provide you with information about these cycles by stages.

The currant cycle is the period between Epiphany and Lent.

As we mentioned above that the cycles have to be divided into eight Sundays, the period between Epiphany and Lent consists of eight Sundays too. This cycle commences with the first Sunday after Epiphany. If Epiphany occurred in the middle of the week, the cycle has to begin at the Sunday following the Epiphany day, while if Epiphany took place on a Sunday, the cycle begins at the coming Sunday and continues with other seven Sundays in succession.

During this cycle he commemoration of “Jesus’ entrance to the Temple” (Feb. 2nd) takes place. This occasion shall take place between the fourth and the fifth Sunday.

Prayers during this period discuss the liturgy of Epiphany. Melodies of this period begin with “Qadmoyo” (the first melody) which shall be the melody of the first Sunday after Epiphany and continue as a chain until the sixth Sunday after Epiphany. This cycle ends with a period of transition which consists of two Sundays, Sunday of priests and Sunday of departed. Melodies of these two Sundays must continue the succession of the melody and that is why “Shbi’oyo” (the seventh melody) is the melody of the Sunday of priests and “Tminoyo” (the eighth melody) for the Sunday of departed. These two Sundays are placed especially here as a preparation for the believers to end the period of joy (Christmas and Epiphany) and to begin the period of forgiveness (the Lent).

The cycle of Lent begins with Sunday of the “wedding at Cana of Galilee”.

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